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Hobby Master 1:48 Air Power Series HA7905
Boeing F4B-4 Diecast Model
USN, #9045 "Anacostia", Douglas Ingalls, Floyd Bennet Field, NY, 1935

1:48 Scale   Length   Width
Boeing F4B-4   5"   7.5"

The USN Department made aircraft such as the Boeing F4B-4 available to headquarters staff whenever they had to travel to a facility within the aircraft range. These aircraft were based at Anacostia NAS, Washington, D.C. and wore a highly polished metal finish. One trip was made by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Douglas Ingalls so he could attend an Air Show at the Floyd Bennett Field, New York in 1935. This was New York City’s first municipal airport and was named after Bennett because he was a resident of Brooklyn and gained notoriety when he and Admiral Byrd became the first people to fly over the North Pole.

Boeing F4B-4

Designed by Boeing in a private venture to replace the F3B and F2B, the F4B first flew on June 25, 1928. The F4B relied upon the same Wasp engine as its predecessor, but it was smaller and lighter and therefore performed better and could achieve greater speed. The F4B was flown by the Navy and by the US Army Corps, who designated it P-12. It was the US military's and Boeing's last wooden-winged biplane fighter. Only one F4B ever saw combat--a Model 281, flown by the Chinese, was shot down after it in turn shot down two Japanese aircraft.

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Hobby Master's 1:48 scale Boeing F4B/P-12 features exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtful design. The open cockpit provides for easy viewing of the cockpit interior with its pad-printed instrument panel, control stick and rudder pedals. Separately applied machine gun barrels can be seen inside deep channels on top of the fuselage. The small annular cowling surrounding the engine provides a clear view of the radial engine, and the cooling fins and pushrod on the cylinder heads can be seen behind the free-spinning metal propeller. Fine gage wire has been hand woven between simulated fabric stretched wings and engine exhaust pipes can be seen at the rear of the cowling.

© Copyright 2003-2014 The Flying Mule, Inc.

Hobby Master 1:48 Air Power Series

The Hobby Master "1:48 Air Power Series" range presents detailed, ready-made diecast models of military aircraft.

Hobby Master "1:48 Air Power Series" diecast airplanes feature:

  • Diecast metal construction with some plastic components.
  • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details.
  • Pad printed markings and placards that won't fade or peel like decals.
  • Opening canopies, revealing detailed cockpit interiors.
  • Interchangeable extended/retracted landing gear.
  • Presentation stand to display the aircraft "in flight".
  • Authentic detachable ordnance loads complete with placards.
  • Accurately detailed underside with concealed screwheads.

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