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Atlas Editions 1:43 Military Vehicles 7210-001
Erhardt E-V/4 Armored Car Diecast Model
German Army, WWI

1:43 Scale   Length   Width
Erhardt E-V/4 Armored Car   5.5"   2.25"

The E-V/4 Panzerkraftwagen Ehrhardt was one of the first examples of a type of high and flatsided armoured car design that the Germans used almost until the start of the Second World War for internal policing duties. It weighed nearly 9 tons, had a crew of eight or nine, and carried an armament of up to three machine-guns. Three prototypes were produced in 1915 and deployed to the Eastern Front with little success. Thereafter they were retained in Germany for internal policing duties. They were so successful in this role that an additional 20 vehicles were ordered and produced in 1919. The E-V/4 was in fact considered just what internal policing required, for its height gave it the capacity to tower over crowds and offer police units better control of riots. E-V/4's were in use almost until World War II. The requirement for armoured cars were so high that by 1918, the Germans were forced to employ numbers of captured armoured cars of Rolls-Royce or other make, and the Ehrhardt vehicles were never around in sufficient numbers. On the Eastern Front the cars were never able to make much of a tactical impression, and so the design is now little known and few operational details have survived.

Erhardt E-V/4 Armored Car

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Atlas Editions 1:43 Military Vehicles

The Atlas Editions "1:43 Military Vehicles" range presents affordable, ready made diecast models of military vehicles in 1:43 scale.

Atlas Editions "Military Vehicles" diecast vehicles feature:

  • Diecast metal and plastic construction.
  • Rotating turret, elevating cannon and accurate hull.
  • Painted, fitted, non-moving tracks on detailed non-rotating wheels.
  • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details.
  • Pad printed markings and placards that won't fade or peel like decals.

Copyright 2003-2019 The Flying Mule, Inc.

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