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D4-class Bird-of-Prey

Klingon Empire, STAR TREK: Into Darkness

EG-STSP04 Eaglemoss
1:183 Diecast Model
Almost Sold Out

Starfleet, Shuttlecraft 4-Piece Set

EG-STSP99 Eaglemoss
1:100 Diecast Model
In Stock

Franklin-type Starship

Starfleet, NX-326 USS Franklin, STAR TREK:

EG-STSP08 Eaglemoss
1:693 Diecast Model
In Stock

Galaxy-class Starship

Starfleet, NCC-1701-D USS Enterprise, STAR TREK:

EG-STMG02 Eaglemoss
1:2913 Diecast Model
Almost Sold Out

NX-class Starship

Starfleet, NX-01 Enterprise, STAR TREK:

EG-STMG04 Eaglemoss
1:1023 Diecast Model
Almost Sold Out

Walker-class Starship

Starfleet, NCC-1227 USS Shenzhou, STAR TREK:

EG-STDS01 Eaglemoss
1:2115 Diecast Model
Almost Sold Out

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