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De Agostini WWII Fighters DAWF77
Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden/Jack Diecast Model

1:72 Scale   Length   Width
Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden/Jack   5.5"   5.75"

The Mitsubishi J2M Raiden (Lightning Bolt) is a single-engined land-based fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II. The Allied reporting name was "Jack". Two captured J2Ms were tested by the U.S. Technical Air Intelligence Command (TAIC) using 92 octane fuel plus methanol, with the J2M3 (Jack21) achieving a speed of 417 mph at 16,600 ft.

Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden/Jack

Designed by Jiro Horikoshi, who also designed the A6M Zero, this local defense interceptor first flew on March 20, 1942. Since its primary mission was to counter high-altitude bombing raids, the J2M was endowed with speed, armament and climb performance but was lacking in maneuverability. Production was slowed by the need for modifications to the propeller pitch change mechanism and the main undercarriage, and in the end six variants were produced. The mature J2M performed well and had sufficient armament to take on a B-29, but the American switch to night bombing less than one year after its combat debut limited its overall effectiveness.

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De Agostini WWII Fighters

The De Agostini "WWII Fighters" range presents affordable, ready made diecast models of World War II military aircraft in 1:72 scale. To help keep the price down, these items arrive in low-cost, discardable blister type packaging.

De Agostini "WWII Fighters" diecast airplanes feature:

  • Diecast metal and plastic construction.
  • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details.
  • Interchangeable extended/retracted landing gear.
  • Presentation stand to display the aircraft "in flight".

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